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Mitigating Hiring Risk

DateApril 29, 2015

Recruiting experts agree that your job posting content and its availabilty online open you up to risk of which you are not likely aware. It is important to take a closer look at what you important internal information you are giving away in your job title, the description and responsibilities,  location and salary/goals/expectations.  While this information is important to a potential candidate, it has a deeper potential value to your competitors. 

"We look at our competitors job postings to gage how they are doing in a particular market and if they investing in infrastructre or R&D." says Gary L. (we agreed to keep his name confident


Own Hiring Mistakes - or - Fail and Repeat?

DateMarch 29, 2015

Surviving big hiring mistakes should correct the problem!

So you hired someone that in retrospect you should not have.  You made the offer, you did the interview, you screened the resume, you made the mistake.  It is now time to own it.  

Your hire sucked, literally, he or she sucked the life blood out of your business, wasted managers and owners time and took money while not meeting expectaions.  In this moment, ask yourself, "did I know this candidate was not right?"  Did your gut say one thing or another?  

Consider this moment an opportunity to conduct an autopsy on your hiring process.  Was there anything that you could


Great Article on Small Business Hiring

DateMarch 26, 2015

Small businesses are not pros at hiring, unless they are a small business in the recruitment space.  We are always looking for good advice and we happened upon this article:

While there are hudreds of tips for hiring and thousands of articles, this article breaks it down to 4 simple things you can do. These are four of the items that most large businesses do as part of their normal hiring process.  Small Businesses often get stuck missing the small nuances that help can eliminate the problems of a bad hire.      The article is from  



Employment Blunders of Small Business

DateMarch 24, 2015

Employment Blunders of Small Business

It's tough to be a small business.  Imagine for a minute that you have gone through the pain of starting your small business, often working more for less.  Your hard work has paid off and your business is growing.  It is now time for you to hire your first employee...  Now What? 

There is no class for small businesses to learn how to post jobs an hire people.  Forget interviewing and the nuances of the legal code, and the ultimate risk that this opens you up to.  You don't have the time you need to find the exact perfect employee.  You know you should interview 5 to 10 people but this will s


HR Solutions: What are your Problems in 2015

DateMarch 22, 2015

The problems that face the HR world continue to shift as we deal with more social media, unique application flows and onboarding practices that find their way to a Yelp review.  The software solutions of yesterday do little to address the problems of tomorrow and it is only the fringe unproven solutions that address the largest pain points. 

Here are some of the problems that you will have to start thinking about for 2015:

Yelp:  Could you imagine an interview process that did not go according to plan?  Perhaps a Manager asking questions about age or religion?  Yelp has become and outlet for angry and upset customers (in this


Job Posting Software - Technology Update

DateMarch 11, 2015 provides information about Job Posting Distribution Platforms. We have reviewed most of the major platforms for small business and have selected the top three below. One of them stood out far above the rest, we highly recommend trying their 14 day trial and see first hand how effective the platform is for acquiring and on boarding new talent.

Each of the companies we reviewed offered different levels of services that went from Small Business to Enterprise Applications. The three finalists were priced between $129 and $259 per month depending on the account level. During our tests we posted 20 jobs over two months to see whic


Technology for Small Business

DateMarch 01, 2015

Technology for hiring finally reaches the small business. It simply makes sense that software that big business has been using for decades now has reached the small business world. Businesses use software to control inventory, pay bills and send direct mail. It makes sense that they should now use software to post jobs and onboard new hires. There are more than a dozen software platforms out there now. We are in the process of reviewing 10 of them and will provide a full report in the coming weeks. In the mean time, if you are looking for a small business hiring solution make sure it has at least the following six features.

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